About Our Company

Co’Zy was established in 1994, following a “stock” takeover of Good Earth (Tai Tee) Pte Ltd, a  company in the bedlinen industry of 44 years.  It was launched with the belief that consumers were ready to pay a premium for enduring quality; the pursuit of excellence had come into existence for a good night’s sleep.  Today Co’Zy’s vision is to offer its customers superior quality products not at premium but at value-worth prices.

Co’Zy grew rapidly, both in product offerings and geographic markets.  Products include sheets of cotton, satin and Egyptian cotton and bedding accessories.  We have one of the widest ranges of accessories in the industry.  These include all range of pillow of fibre, down and natural microfiber fillings.

Co’Zy kids – an addition in 2005,  has a full range of children bed sheets and custom-made size pillows for children.