Today, we are keenly aware that beauty is as deep as its functional core. While we appreciate the value of basics, we also crave design with as much substance as style. What does it take to feel perfectly value of basics? What does it take to feel perfectly covered for a good night’s rest? For us, nothing surpasses a crisp clean sheet and a warm quilt.

Under the Co’Zy umbrella, we carry a wide array of fabric to meet the individual needs and preferences. These include:

Co’Zy cotton sheets are the most comfortable. Cotton by nature, is breathable. This refers to a cotton fabric's ability to transmit water vapor away from the body. The amount of moisture that collects between our skin and the fabric is less with cotton fabrics than with, say, polyester. ‘breathe.’ It wicks body moisture away from the skin also launders splendidly and it gets better the more you use it.

Co’Zy Sateen fabric has a luster and softness that makes it an attractive choice among fabrics. It tends toward a soft, luxurious feel and is found at a much lower cost than silk. Sateen is used in a wide variety of Co’Zy bedding collections ranging from lace, embroidery to solid dyes. Its distinctive sheen makes it stand out.

Sateen Jacquard
Co’Zy Sateen Jacquard comprises patterned fabrics. The intricate patterns or figures are created all over the fabrics. It is woven on a jacquard loom thus allowing use to create more complex designs.

Jacquard weave was invented by a French named Joseph Marie Jacquired. Fabrics of jacquard weave are costly because it involves more time and skill in making the Jacquard cards to produce new pattern. Moreover the weaving operation is also very slow

Egyptian Cotton / Jacquard Sateen
Egyptian Cotton is a general classification for the strong, lustrous cotton produced mainly in Egypt. Although Egyptian cotton are strong cotton but it is also very dedicate in nature. Their long silky fiber often result in hairiness and fuzziness if it is not properly handled during the production process.

Our Egyptian cotton uses the highest technologies to ensure the quality that we seek. Several measures are taken to avoid this problem during the production.

1. manual picking by trained workers ensures the removal of foreign materials and dead fiber from the cotton prior to processing.

2. automatic suction system keeps the machines dust free all the time to reduce the frequent problems of hairiness and cotton balls.

3. the tension control during the winding operations controls the fuzziness and hairiness of the fiber.

After which, the Egyptian fabric is then mercerized (sateen) to bring out a sheen. The result makes the cotton fiber stronger and more easily dyed. It also adds a luster to the fibers.

Sheets are the most private part of our beds. This is the zone of tenderness and love, snuggle and snore.

Co’Zy uses the finest cotton in all our sheets. Once we have established that, we take extra care to remove treatments used during weaving. This finishing process not only helps reduce wrinkling, it maintains the clarity or brightness of the colour by preserving the cellulose core of the cotton and gives the fabric a smooth hand and silky, shimmering look.

Beyond Thread Count

Think the definition of luxurious bedding is a high thread count? Then think again. While thread count may be a consideration, there are features much more important to measuring comfort, quality and value. This includes the type of cotton; the hand or feel of the fabric and the nature of the finishing.

What exactly is thread count? It is simply a measure of how many threads – warp (lengthwise) and weft (widthwise) are woven into one square inch or cm of fabric. The thread count of ‘standard’ cotton is around 150. Good quality sheets start at 180 thread count; and a count of 200 and higher is considered percale.

As a practical issue, just how many threads can fit into one square inch of fabric? While improvements in spinning and milling technologies have pushed up the numbers, thread counts above 600 are something of a misnomer (and according to many insiders, a waste of money). Very high thread counts generally entail the use of a ‘piled’ yarn – one that is produced by twisting together fine threads. For marketing purposes it is not uncommon to count the twisted yarn as double and, for example, describe fabric with 250 individual four-ply yarns in a square inch as a 1,000 thread-count product.

Don’t count the thread count alone. Softness depends more on the quality of the fiber which is why a 200 thread count fine cotton sheet can have a softer ‘hand’ or feel than a 400 thread count sheet that uses an inferior grade of cotton or a twisted thread.

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Pillows in your choice of soft, medium or firm

Because pillows and other bedding accessories are such an intimate part of our lives, we take the extra time, effort and care in making them.

The fabric is 100% sateen or jacquard cotton, filled with the finest hypoallergenic fibre or microfiber.

Santas Pillows

Santas white sleep products uses Invista USA fiberfill that has been built on DuPont technology. Being the world leader in sleep product technology, Invista helps put everyone to a good night sleep.


A medium firm density pillow. Contain 1-hole fibre to give superior support

A 4-hole fibre pillow. Compact and soft, yet resilient and refluffable. Better fibre insulation conform to body shape for greater comfort

A 7-hole fibre pillow. Superbly soft and tender as patented 7-hole fibre can trap more air within

An ultimate luxury pillow. Thousands of fibre puffs clustered ergonomically to take the shape of our head and upper neck to deliver the correct comforting support

Comforel® Supreme
Latest innovation of fibreball from Invista that brings extreme softness and adjustable support while retaining excellent refluffability and loft

Cushion Pillow
Squared shaped 16”x16” cushion filled with Hollofil®4 fibre to enhance high fluffy loft for maximum support

Filled with Hollofil®4 fibre, a high fluffy loft for cushioning and posture. Comfort for better relaxation


Filled with Dacron fibre. High fluffy loft for cushioning rest posture

Filled with Hollofil fibre. Medium to firm density for superior comfort


Specialty Partners to Children

Baby Pillow
For children age between 1 and 4 years. Perfect compliment for baby’s head and neck. The soft and resilient comfort provided with Invista 4-hole Hollofil fibre

Junior Pillow
Also filled with 4-hole Hollofil fibre, The junior pillow is suited for children Between 4 and 10 years of age. The loft and softness is ideal for a child’s neck support

Huggy Pillow
Filled up with 1-hole Dacron fibre, the Huggy pillow is good as a child’s pillow as well as a bolster. It has the loft of a child’s pillow and a length of a bolster



Microfiber is a great new technology. It is a revolutionary man made fiber that can be processed, woven and finished in a variety of different ways to achieve a specific result. Softer than silk, yet bull-dog tough.

Co’Zy Microfibre duvet, mattress pad and pillow have a super soft luxurious feel you won't be able to wait to get home to! The duvets have a hand-sewn baffle box construction which prevents movement of the fiber. All our microfibre duvets and pillows are finished off with hand sewn piped edges for that extra touch of quality. This beautiful range is a perfect synthetic alternative to the luxurious feel of goose down.

Did you know that your bedding may be hosting millions of dust mites? If you suffer from burning eyes, a runny nose and morning headaches you may have these tiny creatures and the allergen in their faeces invading your bed. The allergen thrives in warm moist environment such as mattresses and pillows and causes allergic reactions when inhaled. Suffer no longer and use one of our protective covers.

Co’Zy protectors are treated with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection, a renowned product from Thomson Research Associates Inc, Canada. The covers are dust mite proof and completely air permeable for hygiene.

A mattress pad is an invisible luxury… when your bed is made you don’t see it but you sure feel the comfort. Use one for extra softness, extra support and extra comfort.